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Window text fundraiser bundle

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CCA Derry~Londonderry presents the window text fundraiser bundle – a set of 10 risograph prints. Each risograph text has been written by participants from Meadhbh McNutt's Should artists write? workshop series, and designed by different graphic designers, artists and illustrators. The texts range from dense, deeply personal accounts to bold slogans, each capturing the different thoughts and feelings of the author. The bundle features all ten of the window texts including the final two of the series ahead of their release on the solstice and new year. The risographs were produced by Derry Print Workshop.
Purchase the bundle for £10 for a limited time before CCA closes on Saturday 18 December 2021 for the winter break.

In order of being displayed in CCA's office windows at 10–2 Artillery Street:

Quieter Coastal written by Lucie McLaughlin, designed by Ryan O'Reilly

Portrait of Y written by Valentine Emilia Bossert, designed by Eimear O'Kane

Grey Observation: Jan 2021 written by Sean O'Riordan, designed by Katriona Sweeney

See written by Sara O'Brien, designed by Rory Jeffers

Skin Loving Language written by Sara Long, designed by Jacky Sheridan

Some art things I explain in emojis written by Laura Fitzgerald, designed by Emmet Brown

Mincers written by Tara McGinn, designed by Reece Kennedy

Erotic Labour is Essential Labour written by Lena Chen, designed by James Ashe

Painting To See the Skies. 2021 Spring. written by Michaela Nash, designed by Edward Boyle

Pierrot written by Meadhbh McNutt, designed by Alex Singe

This window text series was made possible thanks to support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Stability & Renewal Programme for Organisations.