Research threads through CCA’s activity by supporting research-based practice with an open attitude, passion for critical discourse and role as a resource for all.

CCA Research Associates

Each year five CCA Research Associates are selected through an open call (with at least two from Northern Ireland) for emerging research-based practices. CCA Research Associates have extensive access to our archives and networks with the potential to develop longer-term projects with CCA and our wider Programmes. An annual event brings the associates to CCA to share their practices with each other and our audiences through workshops/performance/lecture. We work with the Associates to secure funding for travel/materials/accommodation and act as critical friends to help them develop their practices.

Active Research

CCA works with its exhibitions, public Programmes and publications as forums for active research. This includes working with artists and curators pursuing a research-based practice, acting as a critical friend and experimenting with different ways to make exhibitions, interpretation and more.

Library & Online Resource

CCA activity is archived online through our website and media channels. You can see documentation of our previous show in our Exhibitions pages and our publications are available in our Library.

Hosted Research

CCA is a resource for researchers from school-age to university and post-doctoral. As well as online, CCA’s physical archives contain images, texts and ephemera and institutional histories.