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‘Selected (False) Rumours’ guest publication – Richard Magee

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Approaching a Rejection of Conclusion – (False) Rumour is a stack of risographed A4 paper taken and worked on during a journey in Spring 2018 around the deserts of the South West USA and now continues to be worked/looked back on/copied/remembered and reworked in the artist’s studio, as he continues to work his way through the stack until it runs out. Frequent reworking and reusing old pages reminds Magee of the child’s game Chinese Whispers with each new page being further from the original.

Signed editions of the finished pages appear sporadically as “Selected (false) Rumours”. Each small book looks the same from the outside but contains a unique selection of the completed pages.

This ongoing work is available to view and download through the artist’s website here: https://www.richardmagee.org/falserumour