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‘Espionage’ guest publication – Island Gravity

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Espionage (2018) depicts a day in the life of an amateur detective, as she investigates a crime taking place in the city’s contemporary art museum. While she looks for leads and for the mystery’s closure, flashbacks of her own unsolved past repeatedly distract her from the task.

The book is a narrative experiment with pages of images and short texts. By combining pictures from multiple devices (smartphones, SLR, analogue and archive), taken over an extended period of time, the collective aims to bring a sole story to life from many unrelated events.

Bio of the artists: Island Gravity is an art duo from Porto, Portugal, created by Francisca Soares and Pietra Galli in early 2014. It is a platform where the two visual artists explore their mutual interests in the poetics of language in contemporary society, by creating subtle and mysterious narratives that embrace an analogue process and careful interpretation. Working from different locations (London and Porto) they keep a long distance practice by exchanging books, photographs and films as starting points for their projects.

Email: islandgravity@gmail.com

Website: cargocollective.com/island-gravity

Instagram: @islandgravity