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'Auditing Intimacy', guest publication - Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly), Carl Haase & Alicja Melzacka

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Auditing Intimacy catalogues five years of Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence's postcard correspondence and performative paper-trail. In addition to over 80 images, the publication contains a specially commissioned essay by curator Alicja Melzacka dealing with self-institutionalization - the performing of the self as an institution - as an approach to artistic research and performance. There is a lexicon disambiguating the invented bureaucratic jargon O.J.A.I. produces and circulates around their practice.

Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is the collaborative practice of artists Chris Dreier (DE)
and Gary Farrelly (IRE/BE). The work is fuelled by obsessive research in the fields of architecture,
infrastructure, conspiracy theory, institutional power and magic. The works takes the form of
performances, installations, publications, documents, artefacts and a syndicated radio show.
Exhibitions and performances of O.J.A.I. work has been presented at Marres, Centre for
Contemporary Culture (Maastricht), Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles (Paris), Contemporary Art Center
(Cincinnati), Damien & The Love Guru (Brussels), Laura Mars Gallery (Berlin), Dublin Fringe Festival, Horst Arts and Music Festival (Vilvoorde) and Wexford Arts Centre.