Workers Leaving The Factory

18 Sep 13

The centenary of the Dublin Lockout has prompted CCA to consider conditions of labour and the role of representation in shaping work and workers’ rights between three moments: 1913, 2013, and 2113. Through an exhibition, public forums, screenings, and a publication, Momentous Times examines the past, explores the present, and speculates about the future of labour. As part of Momentous Times, we are hosting a series of three screenings, Shake Out Your Banners. The first screening is a Harun Farocki’s Workers Leaving The Factory (1995).

Farocki is a groundbreaking artist, writer and filmmaker. Over a career spanning 50 years, he has made over 100 films, many of which question the production and perception of images. Farocki employs a range of filmic techniques, from agitprop, montage, archival appropriation, surveillance and military footage, video game footage, and documentation to produce films ranging from experimental documentaries for cinema and television to large-scale installations in a gallery context. His films and videos examine technical, socio-political, and cultural meaning in the world of images and in our contemporary world, and investigate how audiovisual culture relates to and affects politics, culture, technology, and war.