The Things Things Say: Art Writing Workshop

08 Jun 13

“It’s not just things that are objects but the abstraction of and relations between them as well.” Alien Phenomonology by Ian Bogost

“I like literally to segment a name until nothing remains. Few names yield completely to the practice. I remove one letter at a time, retaining meaning, it is hoped, to the very end.” Ratner’s Star by Don DeLillo

Maria Fusco leads an intensive writing workshop, which integrates practical and critical exercises to produce new work. Participants write ‘through’ images, focusing on personal pronoun and tense to produce three texts that side-step traditional forms of art writing, looking instead towards the experimental.

Fusco is a Belfast-born writer, editor and critic. She is Chancellor’s Fellow at Edinburgh College of Art, and previously led MFA Art Writing at Goldsmiths, London, her book of short stories, The Mechanical Copula, is published by Sternberg Press. For more info, see her website.