The Dreams of Sparrows

21 Mar 13

The Dreams of Sparrows follows first time Iraqi director Hayder Mousa Daffar and his team of contributing directors as they share their vision of life in Baghdad, post war and pre reconstruction. It is his attempt to reconcile the conflicting points of view among Iraqis regarding the war, Saddam Hussein and the occupation; the process of which ultimately changes him and his crew irrevocably. The screening is followed by a Q and A session with the director via Skype.

Marking 10 years since the invasion of Iraq, Reel Festivals is presenting Reel Iraq 2013. Through films, music and poetry we hope to shine a light on the conflict there by celebrating the resilience and diversity of Iraq’s art and culture – and encouraging debate and discussion of what has, and hasn’t, happened over the last decade. We have films ranging from 2003 to exclusive preview screenings on a variety of subjects from the rich musical heritage of Iraq to reflections on the invasion and subsequent conflict. For more information, see Reel Iraq Festival website.