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Voice Tracking, guest publication - Megan Hadfield, edited by Muine Bheag Arts



Voice Tracking is a text commissioned by Muine Bheag Arts in response to the Grass Roots 2023 programme. Grass Roots included contributions from artists Cóilín O’Connell, Mollie Anna King, Niamh Seana Meehan and Holly Pickering. Voice Tracking was developed following conversations with the artists and encounters with the works as the programme unfolded.

The text narrates the movements of four archetypes; the Keeper, the Walker, the Glazier and the Instructor as they come across the works. Prose poetry, footnotes and symbols mark a route between artwork and setting as a strange series of events transpire.


Megan Hadfield is a visual artist and writer based in Amsterdam. Her practice uses experimental text and installation to reflect on the role of iconography and linguistics in shaping everyday experience. Her writing can be found at Sonic Acts Biennial as part of Brackish Collective and Daisyworld Magazine. Hadfield’s work is currently supported by AFK and Mondriaan Fonds.

Muine Bheag Arts is an artist-run organisation based in County Carlow which hosts a programme of exhibitions, workshops and events in the public realm. The organisation aims to promote contemporary art outside of the city context, to collaborate with the local community through multi-disciplinary arts activities and support emerging and established artists by commissioning new works of art.