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Hyperobjects, guest publication - Catalyst Arts

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Sticky goosebumps, warped ripples but not there… A publication made on occasion of the Catalyst Arts exhibition Hyperobjects curated by Edy Fung. Inspired by Timothy Morton’s theories on object-oriented ontology, Hyperobjects explores entities between phenomena and things which are not fully accessible through anthropocentric viewpoints.

Featuring: Edy Fung, Art Research Matters, Baum & Leahy, Jez riley French, Joey O'Gorman, Jasmin Märker, Matmas, Robin Price, Saša Spačal, Mark Peter Wright


Catalyst Arts is an artist-led space in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As a voluntary artist-led organisation, Catalyst Arts’ model is based on collaboration and community with a strong emphasis on promoting and supporting the arts in Northern Ireland and beyond. As a members-based organisation, Catalyst Arts has created a community of artists who we continue to support through the provision of resources, exhibitions, residencies and events. Our annual programme includes gallery based exhibitions, off-site projects and a dedicated engagement programme, which aim to provide access to the arts to a wide and diverse audience.