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CCA Edition: 'A Snail's Manifesto' digital print by DreamBean

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A Snail's Manifesto is a new CCA Edition by DreamBean. Produced for URGENCIES (2023), the Manifesto is DreamBean’s queer coded way to discuss mental illness, equality and accessibility. In the manifesto DreamBean takes on the voice of a snail and discusses snails’ issues, resolutions / declarations / intentions and the importance of snails in our society.

DreamBean’s art explores the connection of the internal and external landscape through a queer gaze, questioning, ‘what does it mean to be a creative adult?’. Making art that is anti-realism, pseudo-naive, they aim to create art that is ironically confessional around topics that they ‘weren’t allowed to talk about’ growing up in rural catholic Ireland. They approach art perceiving it as both spiritual and therapeutic, allowing the viewer to enter into an ethereal world that explores childhood memories, trauma, nostalgia and identity. They enjoy playing with camp bright colours, political satire and punchy word play, to create a facade for darker themes to be explored. They identify with maximalism, DIY and all things queer.

About the artist:
DreamBean lives in Belcoo and holds a BA hons Fine Art from Belfast School of Art (2021) and won Graduate Awards from Catalyst Arts, CCA Derry~Londonderry and PS2.

A Snail's Manifesto, 2023
A3, Digital print on uncoated matt paper, 170gsm
This print comes with a certificate of authenticity