A Recipe for Navigating the Future 1
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A Recipe for Navigating the Future, guest publication - Catalyst Arts and Aoibheann Brady



A Recipe for Navigating the Future is a guide to approaching and exploring what is next. Our futures are in a constant state of change. A multitude of elements that act upon is every day are moulding and altering what is next. This recipe explains how to accept and embrace these liquid and ever-morphing possibilities.

To create this recipe the methods, language and processes of making bread have been adapted and applied to each step. Bread in the past has been seen as utopian and used as symbols of modernity and hope. During the process of making bread, the dough is constantly morphing and changing. Elements such as heat, bacteria and time affect the outcome of the bread and create an individual loaf each time. This unknown outcome of each loaf is embraced and encouraged throughout the process. These ideas and methods have been adapted and applied to this recipe of navigating life and what is to come.

This work was made with and supported by Catalyst Arts as part of a web residency