What is an Institution?

30 Apr 13

At the end of April, CCA’s Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh visiting Beirut in Cairo, Egypt. This visit marks the beginning of a chaptered curatorial and artistic research project, What is an Institution?, conceived as collaboration between CCA, Beirut and Kunsthalle Lissabon. This first meeting is hosted by Beirut’s Sarah Rifky, Jens Maier-Rothe and Antonia Alampi, who has invited FormContent to jointly develop a subjective reading of the Library of their current programme, It’s Moving From I to It. Participants include João Mourão and Luis Silva (Kunsthalle Lissabon), Pieternel Vermoortel and Anca Rujoiu (FormContent, London), Anne Barlow (Art in General, New York), Bassam el Baroni (ACAF, Alexandria), and Burns and Lundh.

Beirut is a new art initiative and exhibition space that considers institution building as a curatorial act. Its activities are centered around hosting artists, projects and other institutions (locally, regionally, internationally) that share and wish to engage with similar questions concerning politics, economy, education, ecology and the arts. The space, a late 1940′s three-storey villa surrounded by a little garden, is located in the neighborhood of Agouza in Cairo. For more information, please see their website.

What is an Institution? is generously supported by British Council Northern Ireland.