Some art things I explain in emojis

09 Nov 21—22 Nov 21
Some art things I explain in emojis detail
Emmet Brown, Laura Fitzgerald

Some art things I explain in emojis is the next in a series of ten window text commissions by artists, writers, and designers created during the 2021 lockdowns. Ten writers who participated in Meadhbh McNutt's Should artists write? workshops were invited to create one page of text – a completely open brief. The texts range from dense, deeply personal accounts to bold slogans, each capturing the different thoughts and feelings of the author. The texts have been designed by different artists and designers and printed in a risograph edition by Derry Print Workshop.

The texts are visible from CCA's windows, each for two weeks, as well as visible online here and distributed across our region. All ten will be available later in the year as a bundle edition available to buy from CCA's shop as a fundraiser.

Some art things I explain in emojis, 2021
Author: Laura Fitzgerald
Designer: Emmet Brown
Printer: Derry Print Workshop
Risograph edition of 500

About the author & designer:

Laura Fitzgerald is constantly cleaning and lives between the vernacular rural and the art institutional. When she gets it together, she makes drawings, paintings, videos and she writes. Do not approach her when she is making a new body of work - she will be nice again in time. Laura is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and she appreciates this very much. She is 37.

Laura's practice is self-reflexive, a self-critical comment on how it is, for her to be an artist and human. Her work is personal and political - a study of the absurdities prevalent within the everyday, the artworld and in her own head.

Emmet Brown is a graphic designer from Derry with a strong interest in typography and all things print. A recent graduate of UAL, Emmet's work often revolves around social and local issues, lending a hand to campaigns such as Decriminalise and Foyle Pride.


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This project was made possible thanks to support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Stability & Renewal Programme for Organisations.

Some art things I explain in emojis
Some art things I explain in emojis
Some art things I explain in emojis
Some art things I explain in emojis