Project Space: Charys Wilson

14 Jan 23—14 Feb 23
Charys Wilson 3 in the morning

CCA Derry~Londonderry are excited to welcome the second of our 2022 Graduate Awardees, Charys Wilson, to our Project Space in January and February 2023.

For the project, Charys has create an installation entitled traces of time, that builds on the work shown in her MFA Graduate Show.

Following on from her MFA installation, Charys wanted to further explore the projection of the shadow of a flag, stripped of all symbolism and focusing the viewer on its physicality, encouraging the viewer to see things differently, in a more meditative way.

This piece was inspired by a walk home late one night in Belfast in the early hours. Charys stopped and watched the shadow of a flag projected by a sodium light, almost enveloping an entire house front. As it swayed smoothly and silently across their windows, the artist questioned what it would look like from within; would it have the same meditative, calming flow as it did from the outside?

traces of time makes use of CCA's project space as though it’s an entire set. Screening off the windows, accentuating their beauty and shape. The subtle und undulating movement of the shadow is created in real time, cast from a miniature flag. Each window has a different feel: the far window pulses, in another the shadow whips in and out, and the in the window closest to the door, the shadow flows. As the viewer walks from side to side, from window to window, definition, and light shifts.

The installation is best viewed from the Derry Walls opposite.

Supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Derry City & Strabane District Council.

Image: 3 in the morning, Charys Wilson

[ID: A window outline is projected in a black space. The projection has a warm orange tinge, and on the outline there is the shadow of vertical blinds and a blind operating rod. On the right side of the window, there is the shadow of a flag that appears to be blowing in wind.]

Charys Wilson is a Fine Artist, working in a variety of mediums but primarily drawing and installation. She studied her bachelor’s in fine art at Aberystwyth University, majoring in Printmaking, graduating in 2015, and completing an MFA at Ulster University in 2022.

Her work focuses on modern day societies relationship with nature, allowing contemplative time and space for the viewer to reconnect with often overlooked/ underappreciated aspects of the natural world.

She aims to create work that immerses the viewer, often bringing the outside in, exploring pathways of illusion, mimicry, and shadow through the medium of installation.

The work aims to still the viewer both physically and mentally, to hold them and reconnect them to the present moment. Encouraging contemplation and stillness through the familiar, but also through the abstracted and distilled.

Project Space: Charys Wilson