Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz

13 Mar 14

A screening of films made by Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz accompanies the exhibition ‘Of Other Bodies’, part of a series of collateral events.

Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz’s works often revisit materials from the past, usually photographs or films, referring to and excavating unrepresented or unlegible moments of queerness in history.

Most of their works were shot on 16mm film material. This demands a concentrated execution and supports the perception that the images show a ‘performance’, as they very often shoot a sequence only one time.

They are interested in the question of how ‘normality’ can be reworked today, how difference can be lived without constant disempowerment, without being appropriated and without taking on the neo-liberal economy’s offers of integration.