Line Describing a City

18 Oct 12

Highly subsidized by the Federal Republic of Germany as a “shop window of the Free West”, the enclosed city of West Berlin became an island, an inverted fortress for all those who sought to experience and express themselves without economical pressures. Florian Wüst gives a film-based lecture about West Berlin in the ’80s October 18th at CCA Satellite in the Craft Village. From today’s perspective, Wüst will take a look at the idiosyncratic crossover of music, art and film that developed—especially in the early 1980s—in the shadow of the Berlin Wall.

Florian Wüst is an artist and independent film curator based in Berlin. His work has been exhibited internationally, his film Programmes screened, among many others, at Tate Modern, London, Kino Arsenal, Berlin, and the Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna. He is author and co-editor of Who says concrete doesn’t burn, have you tried? West Berlin Film in the ’80s (Berlin, 2008).

Image: OKAY OKAY. The Modern Dance, Christoph Dreher & Heiner Mühlenbrock, film still, 1980.