L andscapes

11 Oct 22—24 Oct 22
Rob Hilken Rachel Pimm

L andscapes is the third in our new series of ten window text commissions by artists, writers, and designers.

Following the 2021 series inspired by Meadhbh McNutt's Should artists write? workshops, many of the 2022 writers participated in Francis Whorrall-Campbell's workshops How to Write a Door and Walk Through, as well as other artists and writers also invited to participate.

The writers were invited to create one page of text – a completely open brief. The texts range from prose poems to statements, shared intimate moments and more, each capturing the different thoughts and feelings of the author. The texts have been designed by different artists and designers and printed in a risograph edition by Derry Print Workshop.

The texts are visible from CCA's windows, each for two weeks, as well as visible online here and distributed across our region. All 10 from the 2022 series will be available to buy as a fundraiser bundle later this year.

L andscapes was produced during a writing prompt in a workshop hosted by CCA Derry~Londonderry. Questioning what ecological literacy might be has led Pimm to write using words broken down into smaller pieces to see what else emerges, in this case a group of lists in a spatial arrangement, evoking geology, natural disasters, enclosures and privatisation alongside land workers' activism.

L andscapes, 2022
Author: Rachel Pimm
Designer: Rob Hilken
Printer: Derry Print Workshop
Risograph edition of 200

About the author & designer:

Rachel Pimm is a research-based artist searching for the origin of things, telling material stories, seeking the political - the feminist, queer, sick, and de-colonial - in the animal, vegetable, and mineral. Their work is often collaborative and has been presented with the Serpentine Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, and Royal Academy in London, and art centres in the US and around Europe. Rachel is Associate Lecturer at Camberwell College, UAL.

Rob Hilken is an artist addicted to repetition. It is through his use of patterns, multiples of objects or repeated interactions that he explores themes such as popular culture or social behaviour.

His multidisciplinary approach to art-making has traversed through works on paper, sculpture, and film, punctuated by gatherings, live events and performances. He explores ideas such as power, control and identity by making accessible works about everyday subjects such as local cuisine, shopping and religion.

This project was made possible thanks to support from the Art Fund and Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

The 2021 editions are available as a bundle edition to buy from CCA's shop as a fundraiser.

L andscapes
L andscapes
L andscapes
L andscapes