If what they say is true - a closing act

12 Jan 13

Lee Welch’s If what they say is true is a series of recurrent motifs that take shape in printed matter, arrangements and displays, objects, texts, and unwieldy social situations, that index a larger structure. The environment filters perceptions, adjusting not only one’s sense of the surroundings but also one’s awareness of others. Situations and events framed within this context ignite potential for unforeseen participation and communication between artist, artwork and audience.

The Closing Act presents a guided-tour by Sean Canavan that aims to make sighted people more aware of how the visually impaired experience the world. Instead of focusing on perceived limitations, the tour allows Sean to take the visually unimpaired on an exploration of their alternate domains of stimuli, codes and references.

Following the tour, Welch and Teresa Gillespie gives a Conversation Cut. You’ve seen it a million times. The characters will be in a conversation when suddenly the scene changes to another location entirely… but the conversation continues as if no time has passed at all, despite how far away the new location is from the original. “I still don’t get…”

Sean Carpio and Mark Garry’s The Listening Group involves a number of musicians, composers, visual artists and music fans, inviting communities in the city to come together to share music.

The evening concludes with a special appearance by local band Rare, who are performing together for the first time in 12 years.