Helena Hamilton - Landis Museum Residency 1

09 Jun 18
Helena Hamilton

Throughout Helena Hamilton’s one-day residency at CCA she will use repetition as a means to materialise variable and idiosyncratic effects. She will be using over 1000 pieces of white chalk in a repetitive, methodical and self-regulated manner to create a work that documents her time within the space. Hamilton has chosen to work with chalk as she is intrigued by both its sonic and visual qualities; in previous works she has used its brittleness as a measure of time/interaction/effort. For this work she wants to focus on the material’s form rather than it’s intended mark-making attributes. Her aim throughout this short residency is to capture the evolving and unfolding nature of the encounter between herself, the work being created, and her environment.

Helena welcomes people to talk to her throughout this process. CCA invites you to join us for a public moment for the residency at 5pm.