'Fool's Spring' workshop

14 May 22
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Jack McGarrigle
To accompany Fool’s Spring by Niamh Roberts for NI Mental Health Arts Festival 2022, local artist & facilitator Jack McGarrigle has developed a workshop in response to Oisín’s work. Jack had considered Oisín's style of writing, influences and the 'Gather' theme for the festival, and has woven them together for this workshop.

Participants are invited to give an immediate response to Oisín’s work through guided techniques in writing, drawing and assemblage of found and collected materials. You will prepare hand looms to explore your experience with the ephemera through the ritual of weaving.

The process of hand-weaving on home-made cardboard looms will give you a hands-on approach to thinking through making. Weaving with unorthodox materials such as found object and long cut up strips of drawings/writing will contrast with natural materials such as cut flowers and plants. This repetitive task will give the feeling of producing something tangible while experiencing the meditative qualities of the process.

The group will then collaborate on a larger loom to produce a collective woven ‘poem’, sharing the potential of weaving. This will unfold like an exquisite corpse of writing, drawing and ephemera. Throughout the workshop Jack will share his own interests in textile, ritual, Irish Folklore and Tarot, drawing inspiration from fairy tree ribbons and exploring parallels between the fool in Niamh’s poem and The Fool in the Tarot card deck.

This in-person workshop will take place in CCA on Saturday 14 May 2022, 1pm–4pm. It is suitable for ages 16 and over.

Places are limited and you can book your free ticket* via our online shop here.

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Fool's Spring Workshop materials
The Fool
'Fool's Spring' workshop
'Fool's Spring' workshop

Jack McGarrigle (b.1994) is an artist and facilitator from Derry~Londonderry. An Aries sun and Sag moon with a penchant for Tarot, Jack combines his interests in divination, Irish Folklore and local history; using textile production, costume-making and ritual to explore the materiality found within these ephemeral notions.

He works mostly with textiles and costume, but also drawing and sculpture. Jack graduated in 2017 from Manchester School of Art with BA Textiles in Practice. Currently based between Belfast and his hometown; he works with various youth-art programmes across Northern Ireland, including CCA's Youth Collective, as well as costume and set design for Derry's many carnivals and festivals.

If Jack was an emoji, it would be the cowboy. 🤠