Entre chien et loup

06 Jun 15

Entre chien et loup is a visual talk presented by Brian Hand and Orla Ryan about the giant Irish Wolfhound, the biggest dog in the world and a symbol of Ireland/Irishness. The artists recount their discovery that the dog was invented during the famine in Callan, Kilkenny, changing what it symbolises into something monstrous. The expression entre chien et loup (literally ‘between dog and wolf’) describes the twilight time before night. It also expresses dread, ambiguity and estrangement.

This event is presented as part of CCA’s Our Neighbourhood project.

Images: Dr. Grover Krantz and his giant Irish Wolfhound at The Smithsonian; Brendan with his owner/breeder, Frank Winters (source http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/)