Calling an Audience (Again)

20 Mar 13

As part of GDR, Conal McStravick invites artists Kathryn Elkin & Daniel Jewesbury to elaborate and diversify his own contribution at CCA Derry-Londonderry.

Bringing together performance work, cultural commentary, cookery, artists and audience- this event works across the gallery spaces at CCA. Elkin will present a new performance utilising material from a notorious 1975 Parkinson interview with Helen Mirren. McStravick and Elkin will further contribute a new improvised work ‘Cead Mille Foyle – A Delicious Northern Irony’ with arts council application forms. This combines with contributions from Jewesbury regarding recent political and cultural policy in Northern Ireland and the limits placed on publicness and public collectivity. These seek to address how the public operates in a neo-liberal paradigm and the role of art and artists in re-assigning value within these limits by exploring the comparative roles of the domestic space and the arts space as spaces of reflection and spaces of action.