Bounce Festival 2022 at CCA

07 Oct 22—08 Oct 22
Feeding Carrots from the South to Wild Donkeys in the North – Shiro Masuyama
Paul Moore, Hugh O’Donnell, Shiro Masuyama

CCA are delighted to be hosting upcoming events as part of this year's Bounce Festival 2022. Join us as we welcome artists Shiro Masuyama, Hugh O'Donnell and Paul Moore to the gallery. See below for more information about the events.

Bounce Festival 2022 at CCA

LIMINAL, a performance by Hugh O’Donnell

Friday 7 October, 2pm – 3.30pm

Liminal is a new performance artwork by artist Hugh O’Donnell is part of Bounce Arts Festival 2022 and is live only once, not to be missed!

Liminal explores in between things, may it be a doorway or a slight breeze passing through, in between not knowing what will happen in sleep or awakening. What will happen if I don’t see the crossing of the road or the human traffic mark in a field? The space between knowing and feeling isolated,feeling of being left in between and trying to communicate or pass onto the bus, train to get somewhere or just to be left Liminal. Floating with materials that create a visual poetic happening. Can you tell me what it means? And are we really in between something?

Bounce Festival 2022 at CCA

Feeding Carrots from the South to Wild Donkeys in the North, by Shiro Masuyama

Friday 7 October & Saturday 8 October, 12-6pm

Shiro Masuyama presents a video work that explores the political conflict in Cyprus that has divided the country into a Southern Greek region and a Northern Turkish region. The border of the Buffer Zone is known as the “Green Line”, which is under the control of the United Nations.

The division of the country has created logistical restrictions requiring travellers to physically pass through a border from one area to the other. After the division of Cyprus in 1974, many donkeys which belonged to farmers were abandoned left to roam wild. Since then, the number of wild donkeys has multiplied, and they are protected by the common law from both sides of Cyprus. The artist is interested in the fact that while the political conflict has resulted in a loss of freedom for the people of Cyprus, Cypriot donkeys have acquired more freedom and have become a symbol of anarchy in the country.

Bounce Festival 2022 at CCA

Get it out of you!, a performance by Paul Moore

Saturday 8 October, 2-3pm

Get it out of you! is a new live work by Paul Moore who is particularly intrigued by the body and landscape, nature and machine in relation to our internal and external experiences.

His recent work has been informed by Virtual Reality technology, questioning a space that doesn’t exist but is still restricted by real world physical barriers. This continuing struggle with the present and the search for both extreme reality and out of body experience marks a change in Moore’s practice towards a more contemplative question about how we as a society are equipped to deal with adversity.

Hugh O’Donnell originally from Dublin now lives and works in Belfast

Hugh has exhibited his work nationally and internationally alongside facilitating visual art and performance art workshops and artist talks. His work is of an auto-personal nature. Through performance art, sculpture, installation, drawing and found objects his research and art investigations pivot around subjects relating to sexuality, gender, disability and the absurd. Hugh is a studio member with Flax Art Studios’ Belfast and is a board member of PS2, Belfast

Shiro Masuyama is a visual artist living in Belfast.

Paul Moore is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has exhibited exhibitions both locally, nationally, and internationally, including: FIonnghlas, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast (2021); Consideration Of All Bodies, Lab Gallery, Dublin (2021); and Revolution, Galveston Arts Centre, Texas U.S.A. (2014)

Supported by Bounce Festival, the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Derry City & Strabane District Council.

Bounce Festival 2022 at CCA