booksvscigarettes: Part i. Irish Journal: A Traveller's portrait of Ireland

26 Sep 20

Join us online on Saturday 26 September 2020, 3pm–4pm for the next booksvscigarettes reading group event when we’ll be reading Irish Journal: A traveller’s portrait of Ireland by Heinrich Böll (1957). This event coincides with CCA’s Reciprocal Residencies exhibition which has inspired the selection of this text.

The book informs the research of Ginte Regina. The creative writing work The Pain of Youth seeks to position contemporary notions of migration and displacement, history and rootedness in parallel to Böll’s exploration of the island in the 1950s. We will focus on Chapter 14. Mrs. D’s Ninth Child and Chapter 15. A Small Contribution to an Occidental Mythology.

This will be accompanied by the article Wanderlust by Becca Voelcker. Suggested by Ginte Regina to add further the depth to the context of the work.

This online event is free, open to the public and will take place via Zoom. Email to receive a meeting invite and a copy of the texts. There’s no need to prepare before – just join in and we’ll read together.

booksvscigarettes is CCA’s intermittent reading group. It takes its name from George Orwell’s essay which assessed the price and value of reading against other pursuits.