CCA Project Space: Little Did I Know with Eslam Abd El Salam

18 Jun 24—20 Jul 24
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Eslam Abd El Salam

For the weeks, artist Eslam Abd El Salam will be in CCA’s Project Space, where he will be displaying a project entitled ‘Little Did I Know’, which Eslam has been working on since 2019.

Little Did I Know is an on-going conversation between Polaroids, found objects and the written word. The project is a visual dialogue where many bridges are burned between time and intuition, land and identity, serendipity and fate, family and domesticities.

The project asks do we build our homes or do we find them? And how do we know if home is searching for us too?

Little Did I Know will be on in CCA's Project Space until Saturday 20 July 2024 and celebrating with a finissage to coincide with the launch of the new exhibition in the galleries, Strata, from 7–9pm.