Artist Talk and Screening Jaana Kokko

15 Sep 18
Jaana Kokko

CCA is pleased to welcome Jaana Kokko for an artist talk and screening event on Saturday, 15 September at 2pm.

Jaana Kokko’s ‘What There Is to See’ forms part of our current exhibition, ‘Lavish and Judicious’. This video work pulls together a range of associations: about landscape and the urban environment; about collecting, western cultural imperialism and utopianism. These are threaded through with ideas about looking and seeing. Viewing landscape through different historical eras, starting with romanticism, followed by nationalist and colonialist landscapes, ‘What There Is to See’ asks us to consider how ideologies impact people’s relationship to nature and the world around us.

The event will include a screening of the work ‘Haven’ (2015) and a discussion of Kokko’s meticulous and long-term process of production.