A Day with Household

23 Feb 13

Household is a curatorial collective based in Belfast that encourages audiences to re-negotiate how they view and interact with art in urban and domestic spaces.

The five Household curators – Sighle Bhreathnach-Cashell, Eoin Dara, Ciara Hickey, Alissa Kleist, and Kim McAleese – bring together a range of people to discuss some of the key concerns that arose from the inaugural Household Arts Festival held in South Belfast in August of 2012. Using documentation and participants from the Festival, as well as invited speakers, they aim to critically engage with the broad theme of hospitality in artistic and curatorial practice, looking specifically at the presentation of contemporary art in domestic spaces and surroundings. Following a series of discussions throughout the day with Declan Hill (Forum for Alternative Belfast), Ray Cashell (Shelter NI) and Conor McCafferty (PLACE Build Environment Centre), and continuing with the theme of hospitality, Household host a dinner for 30 participants to discuss the project.