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Andrea Francke

Andrea Francke was born in Peru and is currently based in London. She is currently developing two main research projects. Invisible spaces of parenthood: A collection of pragmatic propositions for a better future explores issues surrounding childcare in collaboration with local nurseries, childminders, children’s centres and parent groups, and looks for new models and possibilities. It uses 1960s and 70s DIY culture as a frame of reference to question political, pedagogical, social and economic structures around parenting. The Piracy Project, a collaboration with Eva Weinmayr as part of the AND Publishing program (2011 – 2013), is an exploration of the philosophical, legal and practical implications of book piracy. She was a recipient of the Red Mansion Art Prize (2011) and a Communnal Knowledge resident at The Showroom gallery in London (2012). In early 2013, she was an artist in residency at CCA, and working on a commission for the 2 degrees festival in London. For more information, see her website.