What Can We Do?

12 Jun 12

What Can We Do? is a seminar in two parts addressing the role and function of education and outreach Programmes in the field of art, featuring Damien Duffy, Void Art School, Lindsey Fryer, Head of Learning, Tate Liverpool, Rosie Lynch, curator, Commonage, and Paul O’Neill, curator, educator and writer.

The first part looks at the position of education and outreach within museums and public galleries in Ireland and the UK today. The second introduces initiatives that function beyond institutions and posit possibilities of education as art practice. The title can be interpreted several ways: What are our responsibilities to our audiences, to funders? What do we strive to contribute to contemporary art discourse?


Artist Damien Duffy leads Void Art School, an initiative that he began as a resident Artist in Void in 2006.

Lindsey Fryer is Head of Learning at Tate Liverpool.

Rosie Lynch is a co-founder and curator with Commonage, a research, design, and curatorial studio based in Callan, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

Dr. Paul O’Neill is a curator, educator and writer based in Bristol and working internationally.