Soft Fiction Projects - Destruction of Pleasure is a Radical Weapon

31 Jan 19
Soft Fiction Projects

This DIY graphic Design Workshop with Soft Fiction Projects is the first of the public events associated with Urgencies. Participants will be invited to collectively produce a response to a text selected and read by Soft Fiction Projects. The format of the workshop will act as a direct call and response between the collective and the workshop participants to some of the reading and research which informs the theoretical basis of Soft Fiction Projects. The main text which will be explored in this workshop is Laura Mulvey’s 1973 essay, Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, specifically the second section, entitled Destruction of Pleasure is a Radical Weapon. This essay was originally published in the influential British film theory journal Screen. The material results from the workshop will be included in a publication, which will be realised later in 2019.

After a collective reading and discussion on Mulvey’s essay, participants will be asked to develop a visual response to the text using mixed media (writing, images, drawing). Elements of each contribution will be edited manually.

The workshop will take place from 2pm to 4pm on 31 January. The workshop is free and all are welcome but registration is essential. Please email let us know you’re coming.