booksvscigarettes - k-punk: The Collected And Unpublished Writings Of Mark Fisher

02 Feb 19

The next instalment of CCA’s reading group, booksvscigarettes, will take place at 2pm on Saturday 2 February and will feature two texts from k-punk: The Collected And Unpublished Writings Of Mark Fisher (2004–2016): ‘How to kill a zombie: strategising the end of neoliberalism’ and ‘Acid Communism (Unfinished introduction)’. This selection takes its lead from our current and upcoming exhibitions, addressing urgencies of today through Fisher’s sharp and provocative interpretations of popular culture.

“When Mark Fisher committed suicide in 2017 at the age of 48, we lost one of the 21st century’s greatest cultural theorists. An icon for today’s insurgent “alt-left”, from 2003 to 2016 Fisher wrote dazzling analyses of our strange and terrifying world—neo-liberalism, the loneliness and distracted boredom of digital life, and how these realities are reflected in music, film, TV, and literature. He also developed a vision of a different future – based on community, democratic control of the economy, creative freedom for all, and harnessing technology for the good of humanity.”

This event is free and open to the public but please email to let us know you’re coming. There’s no need to prepare before – just turn up and we’ll read together.

booksvscigarettes is CCA’s intermittent reading group. It takes its name from George Orwell’s essay which assessed the price and value of reading against other pursuits.