An Exaltation of St Joseph

06 Sep 19
Eimear Walshe

An Exaltation of St Joseph is a performed reading by Eimear Walshe, taking place at CCA at 7pm.

This reading is part of an ongoing project to restore historical cuckolds as contemporary political and sexual role models. At CCA we will gather to hear how allowing intercession from Saint Joseph can enrich our daily lives. This is just one way in which the study of those less normative relationships and familial structures in the bible may also provide a sense of precedence for those sexual subjects who are understood as ‘fallen’, even in contemporary Ireland.

An Exaltation of St Joseph takes place as part of the series of events, Harvest of Distress, that will occur during the exhibition Haerfest. Harvest of Distress will investigate alternative modalities of sex, sexuality, family and kinship.