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'Slow Making' with Lyndsey McDougall

Eco dye bundle workshop with Lyndsey McDougall

CCA Derry~Londonderry has partnered with Age Concern: Older People North West to deliver Slow Making, an eco bundle dyeing project in November 2021. Artist Lyndsey McDougall will work with the centre's participants to learn a natural dyeing process.

Each participant will create two pieces of eco dyed fabric using imprints of flowers, petals, leaves, herbs and vegetables onto a sample of natural fabric. The pieces of eco dyed fabric will be displayed in the centre. Participants will learn about Lyndsey’s materials and process; discovering how nature is used to colour the fabrics. They will feel the materials in their hands, experiencing the tactile quality of the natural cloth. Through learning about a natural dyeing technique, participants will have the opportunity to experience the therapeutic benefits of slow making through this textile process.

If would like to get in touch with Age Concern about joining in with this activity on 26 November 2021, please email Anne at