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Ona Juciūtė's final week in residence: Solidarity with Ukraine

Ukraine Vilnius Graffitti
The final few days in Derry~Londonderry for our Lithuanian DeMo residency artist Ona Juciūtė were marked by the unfolding events in Ukraine. There are strong bonds – historically as well as culturally – between Lithuania and Ukraine and the Russian invasion has been felt by us all, most acutely by those across the former Soviet Union.

From Ona Juciūtė: "This war happening in Ukraine, in Europe today is the highest level of crime. Coming from Lithuania, I was brought up hearing stories about freedom and it’s price everyday – how lucky I was to be born inside a free country and how it does not come for granted. It makes me so angry and breaks my heart to see Putin’s actions in Ukraine today. I just want to express my solidarity and gratitude to all the brave people fighting for our freedom and values in Ukraine, and to the protesters against this war on the streets of Russia. And to the rest of the world – donate to Ukraine and spread the truth among the ones who were mistaken by wrong messages."

Below are a series of links to resources and ways of support for the people of Ukraine:

You can help by donating to the Red Cross or Blue-Yellow.

Two lists of funds, organisations and initiatives: / RazomForUkraine

Support for marginalised people in Ukraine including women, LGBTQIA+ people, African and Caribbean people, Romani people, South Asian people, those with disabilities, the elderly:
Supporting marginalised people in Ukraine

Links to emergency resources for Ukrainian artists and cultural workers:
Ukraine emergency resources for artists and cultural workers

An open letter to sign from Cultural Workers Against the Ongoing War in Ukraine:
Cultural Workers Against the Ongoing War in Ukraine

A list of local collection points for donations of clothes and supplies for refugees:
Derry Journal article

1. A copyright-free image of an anonymous graffiti in Vilnius quoting the words by soldiers of the Ukraine’s Snake Island, “Russian battleship, go fuck yourself”. Shared from CAC Vilnius' call to action. (wetransfer link)
2. A Ukrainian flag attached to the railings on Shipquay Gate taken by Ona Juciūtė.

Ona Juciūtė's final week in residence: Solidarity with Ukraine