Young Turks

11 Dec 10—31 Jan 11
Brent Wadden, Eoghan Deane, Tara Moran-Woods
Young Turks
Young Turks
Young Turks
Young Turks
Young Turks

Young Turks is an exhibition by three young, emerging artists: Brent Wadden, born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and based in Berlin, Tara Moran-Woods, based in Belleek, Co. Fermanagh and Eoghan Deane, a former student of the North West Regional College, Derry who lives and works in Derry. The three artists all employ a mix of drawing with sculpture and whether its through the form of crochet with brightly coloured wools, the use of painted black and white patterns reminiscent of the anarcho-pacifism symbol or through corrugated cardboard, forming triangulated isometric grids, each artist creates large structures through repetitive use of pattern and geometry.


“With a life long affinity for the handmade / handcrafted / Do it yourself, I adapt these methods of working, transforming what is normally seen as traditional forms of object making into unique forms that can be seen as both fine art and craft. Because of my material use and processes employed, and the general aesthetics or the work, when combined with my interest for conceptual, minimalist and Op art, my work sits uneasily somewhere between the realms.The process itself tends to be very labour intensive, consisting of intertwining lines and layers and overwhelming use of patterns alongside flat, vibrant or contrasting colors. The methodically repetitive techniques are very meditative allowing me the possibility to enter into another state of mind that may be seen as a spiritual exploration


“I mainly create installation art, most frequently in the past using crochet and wool as a drawing material or sculptural medium to transform and adapt a domestic craft into contemporary art. Recent work explores notions of human traces, conditions, territories, sourcing found materials and traces people leave behind. My work is often questioning their value, their owner’s identity, and where they might have gone. Common themes and links between the found and everyday are incorporated into the work by utilizing used, old items with new and my own hand made work. Frequently my work is incorporating stitching and crochet to recreate what the found objects might once have looked like or have been used for by their previous owners: re-piecing, rearranging, and mending the disregarded or lost.

*All exhibitions and events prior to 2012 are credited to The Context Gallery, our former name.

Eoghan Deane graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2008 and is currently based in Derry, Northern Ireland. Working closely with the Context Gallery, through the gallery’s provision of mentorship from Numa Dallaire, as well as from other art institutions in Derry, Deane has been developing a varied body of work over the past 2 years that delves into the exploration of pattern, geometry and sculpture infused with utopian ideas from era’s past.

Brent Wadden was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and lives and works in Berlin for the past five years. He graduated from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2003 and has exhibited internationally, with recent exhibitions in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Houston, Nice, Chicago and currently at Grimmueum, Berlin with the exhibition Feather Throat. Brent Wadden has forthcoming exhibitions scheduled in Berlin, Tokyo and Canada in 2011. For more information visit the website

Tara Moran – Woods studied Fine Art at Sligo IT, graduating with a BA in 2006. She has had solo exhibitions in The Higher Bridges Gallery, Enniskillen, Teach Ban Nua Gallery, Sligo and The ARTTANK Gallery, Belfast and exhibited in the RUA annual exhibition in 2009. Tara was awarded a Residency in 2009 at Belmont Mill and artists studios, Co. Offaly and a General Arts Award from Arts Council Northern Ireland in 2008. She is currently based in Fermanagh, and is a member of Visual Arts Fermanagh.