24 Mar 07—10 Aug 07
Breda Lynch, John Beattie, Katrina Maguire, Mark Clare

Prehen House has recently developed as a site for presenting multi-disciplinary arts, with poetry, music, performance and community arts regularly programmed. This Context Galleries project will present four simultaneous site-specific linked solo shows by John Beattie, Mark Clare, Breda Lynch, and Katrina Maguire in Prehen House and grounds. The house is open Tues-Sunday 2pm-5pm March-October, and at all other times by telephone appointment. There will also be four artist’s catalogues, each launched at a monthly artist’s talk, and four evenings of screenings / performance, one programmed by each artist.

Dates of Events:

march 24th: simultaneous opening of the four solo exhibitions

april 27th:Breda Lynch launch and talk and programmed event

may 26th: Mark Clare launch and talk and programmed event

june 30th:John Beattie launch and talk and programmed event

aug: 10th:Katrina Maguire launch and talk and programmed event

There have been two special additions to Context Galleries @ Prehen House:

The first is a satellite project which will present a broader selection of artist’s work at the old Orchard Gallery site on Orchard Street, Derry. Dates/artists are:

july 14th – july 28th: The Place of the Crows, Breda Lynch:

aug 4th – aug 18th: Katrina Maguire:

sep 8th- oct 8th: John Beattie.

The second is the Context Galleries education project Sharing Heritage, a series of four specially commissioned art cards, one from each artist, and four cards from the pupils of St Cecilias School, Derry. The project presents work examining individual perceptions of “heritage” sites in the city. The cards will be distributed nationally.

Prehen House is served by and Ulsterbus Foyle route FY6 which departs from Foyle Street in city centre and has a stop outside the entrance to Prehen House at Sunningdale Drive: it departs at 15 minutes past the hour and is a ten minute journey.