21 May 05—11 Jun 05
Colin Darke

Irish premiere of Colin Darke’s completed Capital project (previewed at Venice Biennale).

In a major project for the Context Gallery and for contemporary visual art in the region, the Context Gallery will present the Irish premiere of the complete version of the project Capital by the artist Colin Darke.

Colin Darke is a Derry based artist who has been producing politically provocative work for over twenty years. This work Capital has been shown through its progress to completion in Derry, the Orchard Gallery having shown the project at a mid-way point.

This exhibition will act as the culmination of his major project and will be accompanied by a full collection of the Capital images on CD-ROM. The project Capital was, when completed in 2003, selected for exhibition at the 2003 Venice Biennale. This will be the first exhibition of the complete project since it was shown at the Biennale.