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The Uncommon: A gathering for migrant artists on the island of Ireland



CCA is delighted to present The Uncommon: An online gathering for migrant artists on the island of Ireland, on Tuesday 23 May 2023, from 1-3pm. Book via our shop:

What does it mean to be a migrant artist living on the island of Ireland?
Centre for Contemporary Art Derry~Londonderry, and artists Bojana Janković and Marta Dyczkowska are inviting fellow migrants living in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to join us for an online event dedicated to thinking about what migrancy means within the cultural sector of the island.

How are migrant artists represented within the cultural sector and what exclusions and obstacles do they face? How do cultural institutions on the island support migrant artists or how are they contributing to their invisibility or marginalisation? What does ‘shared island’ mean for migrant artists - when most are legally prevented from working in both countries? The Uncommon... is a space for migrant artists to meet, organise and plot; to share ideas and frustrations.

This event will take place online via Zoom. Book your free place here:

What will happen
The gathering will open with short provocations from migrant artists working on the island, offering a way to articulate some of the individual and collective preoccupations we harbour and an invitation to respond, add, or counter. Then we will spend time mapping the landscape of migrant-led art on the island: we will pool our knowledge of allies, support mechanisms that exist and work, and share our ideas about what the migrant artistic communities in both countries need.

Who is this gathering for?
Artists at any stage of their practice, working in any art form, living in Northern Ireland of the Republic of Ireland, and who identify as migrants. ‘Migrant' refers to people who have lived experiences of migration in their lives and people profiled as migrants because of the colour of their skin, their accent or other characteristics, regardless of their legal status. Migrants can have a variety of legal statuses, including as visa nationals, temporary or permanent residents, refugees or asylum seekers, traveller communities, those undocumented or otherwise illegalised, or citizens.

You can find out more about Bojana's previous iteration of The Uncommon that was part of Ballads of Rhinestones & Newcomers at CCA in summer 2022.