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Supports Training Workshop - Writing Sustainability Plans and Statements

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CCA x Jerwood = Supports is offering a series of training sessions to expand artists’ skills sets, increase employability and build confidence. These workshops have been developed based on the responses from our recent Training Survey when we asked you what training you would need to benefit your practice, and what additional training might enable you to earn more income to support your practice. This opportunity is for artists who are not currently in any type of formal education who have begun their professional practice, based nationally or internationally.

We are delighted to announce Writing Sustainability Plans and Statements with Shane Malone-Murphy. This training workshop will take the form of an online webinar via the CCA Zoom account on Thursday 15 August 2024, 10am–12pm.

This webinar is aimed towards artists, curators, and other cultural workers, who wish to more fully understand sustainability. The webinar will introduce participants to the initial tools needed to write sustainability plans of their own. The topics covered in this webinar can be utilised within both individual artistic studio practices and larger cultural organisations. The goal of this webinar is to offer participants orientations toward an understanding of what sustainability could be, seeking to embed a desire for transformative action across the cultural community.

Webinar | Writing Sustainability Plans and Statements will cover:

~ An explanation of what a sustainability plan is and why it is important within the creative cultural community.

~ Expanded definitions of sustainability.

~ How to understand common ‘sustainable’ terms and phrases.

~ How to begin to implement actionable, scalable, and honest sustainability plans that will help to do the work of becoming and maintaining sustainability.

~ Resources for further understandings

Book your free place for this training workshop via this page. It is suited to those aged 18 and above. The session will be recorded and available as a resource via our Supports page.

About Shane Malone-Murphy:

Shane Malone-Murphy is a Wicklow based artist who graduated with a first class honours degree in Sculpture and Combined Media from the Limerick School of Art and Design and holds a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Exhibition Making from Creative Futures Academy with the National College of Art and Design. Shane works with Kunstverein Aughrim as a Technical Support and Sustainability Consultant.

Shane Malone-Murphy