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Saturday 5 August, 2023


As part of the Public Programme for the current exhibition SAM'S EDEN. Exhibiting artist Michaela Razafima Nash welcomes children and families to a free workshop, where you will see how to make paint from crushed sedimentary rock.

During the workshop Michaela will give you an insight into the history of making paint and the stones that can used. Opening up the centuries of sedimentary drift and deposition compressed within stones like shale, limestone and sandstone.

Next, you will mix a rainbow of colours to paint your own island archipelagos. Your islands will represent people who are special to you, both near and far. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to keep your island paintings or give them away to the 'kin' in your archipelagos.

This is a free, Public Programme event for SAM'S EDEN, curated by Thomas Wells. The event is suitable for children ages 7+. Supervision from a parent or guardian is required. Tickets are limited and booking is essential.