National Drawing Day workshop pack
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Drawing Day 2021 Activity Packs: Molly McFadden

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For National Drawing Day this year CCA Derry~Londonderry hosts artist Molly McFadden’s Mud. As part of this event we are giving away 10 activity packs. If you would like to try out Molly's drawing activity designed for CCADLD, please order your pack here. All that we ask is that you tag @CCADLD and #NationalDrawingDay

Molly’s practice uses drawing and painting to reflect on the ways in which the shape of an absent conflict occupies the psychic landscape of the North. City based Molly says her work is less immediately concerned with the violence of the past, but instead, intends to look, however indirectly, at the sombre realities of our environment by re-contextualising the silent objects and spaces we ritualistically interact with.

For Drawing Day 2021 Molly shares her own process with the audience, by introducing the ways in which poetry intersects with her own work. The audience is invited to give a visual response to the poem Wandering by Eva H.D. Molly describes how she is drawn to the quietude in this collection, that the poems record a flux between grounding, objective observation and muddied withdrawals into oneself, and how one colours the other. “That way of looking resonates with me; that bleed of the external into interior reflection, and vice versa, is something that I try to communicate in my own work.”

Molly, keen to see how others will respond to the task, invites a visual response from the audience.